Today we serve a diverse portfolio of customers from different sectors and geographies. Some of our core service offerings includes

DPO as a service

Outsource your DPO

Indian DPDP Bill 2022 and GDPR allows organisations to outsource the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) or appoint one on a part time basis. Our DPO as a service portfolio makes it possible for your organisation to outsource the DPO to us. The outsourced DPO then performs the required tasks and undertakes the responsibilities detailed as per applicable laws. The DPO helps you set up a step by step plan to reach the desired level of compliance by your organisation and it ensures that privacy violations are minimized and eliminated and the risks of financial penalties are zero.

Set up your DPO Office

In case you have already appointed a DPO and are looking for support to get the DPO office up and running, we can help you

  • Identify the DPO office team members
  • Document their roles and responsibilities
  • Coach the DPO to make them accustomed to the roles and responsibilities
  • Work with the DPO and the DPO office as they transition into the new roles
  • Identify the privacy charter and goals
  • Assist the DPO office in preparing documentation and conducting activities to achieve the goals
Managed DPO Services

For organisations with a global presence which follow a distributed or hybrid DPO governance model, we can assist in identifying, documenting, implementing and monitoring the roles and responsibilities of the regional DPOs and the centrals DPOs to ensure compliance as per applicable laws. We can also provide services based on the specific concerns of the privacy offices.


Privacy consultancy

  • Identify applicable local and global laws
  • Prepare an organisational Privacy framework
  • Conduct Privacy assessments as per requirements of local and global laws
  • Provide recommendations to address specific requirements
  • Provide recommendations for updating the framework as per new laws and amendments

Privacy tools and technologies

  • Identify privacy and data protection tools and technologies for your organisation
  • Assist in the implementation and roll out of the selected tools and technologies
  • Train the teams to operate and utilize the functionalities of the tools and technologies
  • Provide any other assistance as required

Privacy Training & Awareness

  • Conduct trainings for DPO
  • Conduct trainings for Privacy team
  • Conduct trainings for leadership
  • Conduct trainings for certifications
  • Prepare privacy awareness materials for the organisation

Privacy Audits

  • Conduct Privacy audits as per applicable local laws
  • Conduct Privacy audits as per applicable Global laws
  • Conduct Privacy audits for certifications e.g. ISO 27701, ISO 27001, etc.

Data Processing Agreements as per EU SCCs

  • Data Controller to Data Processor
  • Data Controller to Data Controller
  • Data Processor to Data Controller
  • Data Processor to Data Processor

Privacy Audits and Designing of Policies

  • Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Data Privacy Policy
  • Data Breach Notification Policy
  • Data Retention Policy